"World Voyagers" Book Now On Sale !!
The "World Voyagers" Book
A true story of the three year circumnavigation by Philip Shelton, Amy Wood and Stewart the cat. From designing and building a 42 foot wooden cutter "Iwalani" to sailing around the world— this is not a watered down, sugar coated tale, but a "no holds barred" account of just what it's like to live a "dream."

Iwalani's Voyage Around the World
Weekly logs of Iwalani's three year circumnavigation written by Philip Shelton, Amy P. Wood and Stewart the cat.
Janet May
Pictures of the construction of the Janet May, a 65 foot schooner designed and built by Philip Shelton.
Building the Tundra Kit Plane
After selling Iwalani, the saga continues with the purchase of a Tundra Kit from Dream Aircraft.
Peters Wood
Paintings, artwork and blog of Dr. Amy Peters Wood.
Williams Farm Williams Farm Solar Hot Water
Real Time Data. System designed and built by Phil and Nathaniel Shelton.